Ashton Gray Capital is a real estate private equity firm headquartered in Houston, TX but with investments all across the United States. We seek to generate higher than market, risk-adjusted returns for our investors by deploying our capital in assets ranging from residential to commercial and investment vehicles ranging from new development to opportunistic acquisitions.

Our extensive relationships within the private equity, banking and brokerage industry gives us access to a deal-flow pipeline with acquisition parameters way under market as well as value-add and development opportunities that generate industry leading returns for our investors. Our acquisition team underwrites every single investment with a rigorous set of guidelines and on average, we underwrite one in five deals that we review. Our goal is to only deploy our capital in opportunities with minimal to zero downside and maximum upside.

Having development expertise and our own development team gives us a huge competitive advantage against other private equity funds that are limited to being able to invest in existing assets and thus, not able to benefit from the lucrative returns that new development offers. Ashton Gray Capital's portfolio covers luxury spec home development, multifamily acquisitions, retail center and hotel development, debt/equity financing and land development. Our investors get the unique opportunity to own a stake in every asset and development we deploy our capital in, regardless of the size of their capital contribution.